Up until now, there wasn’t one place where I can collect all my articles. Here I’ve collected links to all posts that I wrote until Dec 2017.

Developer’s tools for quick chatbot prototyping: Chatfuel + Gomix + QnAMaker (2017)

Advanced Natural Language Processing Tools for Bot Makers – LUIS, Wit.ai, Api.ai and others (2016)

What are the advantages of using Android on your device? (2016)

Is It Possible to Use Android OS On Your Custom Device? (2016)

Focus on Hypotheses – The 6 Step Algorithm (2016)

The Rise of Chat Bots: Useful Links, Articles, Libraries and Platforms (2016)

Developers Race for Extinction (2015)

Smartwatch User Interaction (2015) — How users interact with a smartwatch and what UI components do they use

Pros and Cons of Using Embedded Android for a Non-Mobile Device (2015)

Why Your Startup Needs a Cross-functional Team to be Successful (2015)

Slack Native Advertising Bot (2015) — how ads might look like in our chats

3 Types of Software Architecture for Connected Devices (2015) — A Smart Light Bulb Case

What we’ve learned from 10 years of being in the software development business (2015)

We need more Virtual Reality content (2015) — It is the future of display technology.